Eu-SPRI 10th Anniversary Plenary Session

After more than 10 years of its existence, it is time for Eu-SPRI to take stock of achievements, to reflect on its role, more importantly, to envisage a future mission of the Forums. To that end we organise this session, which is also an open plenary with interaction from the floor.

The Programme:

Chair and introduction: Jakob Edler.

  • Emanuela Reale, National Research Council, Rome: Presentation of the EU SPRI Identity Paper (10 min)
  • Peter Droell, Director of DG Research and Innovation, European Commission: A view from policy (10 min)
  • Suzan Cossens, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA: view from a trans-atlantic community friend (10 min)
  • Stefan Kuhlmann, University of Twente: Reflections from the Founding President (5 min)


Followed by 90-second interventions from a few Early Career Researchers and an open debate.